A Brief Introduction

Siargao Island 2018 | Fuji Across 100

Welcome to my daily, kinda weird, interesting, random life.

Hello Universe,

I have decided to create a personal blog, journal, internet diary. Not that it’s something new. I’ve been blogging since I was 14 years old, in private, only known to people close to me at the time (hello livejournal). The reason being, I was a pretty private person, I still am. I’ve been trying to lay low the past couple of years because I keep reading how ‘Social Media Ruins Your Life’, and it did, warped the reality for me. But overtime, I have developed strong boundaries, I know now which parts of my life I can talk about freely and which facts (and tea), I am comfortable to be out in public.

I know. I’m not a famous person whatsoever. My life right now is only known to 300+ accumulated instagram followers, you add algorithm to it, that’s about 30 people (wow math).

Daku Island, Siargao | Fuji Across 100

I’m doing this for the sole reason that I miss writing. It has been the bane of my sanity. I wondered why I stopped, probably because I discovered other things like yaoi, kpop or I finally talk to people in real life (yay).

I’m going to do my best to keep this alive. I’ve been known to throw out stuff once I’m tired of it, BUT, I am a changed human. I don’t know how long I can keep this, but my domain expires in a year, so that’s a real timeline to consider haha.

Anyway, if you come across this, dear stranger.
Hello. Welcome to my daily, kinda weird, interesting, random life.


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