A collection of memories, a hint of nostalgia and a selection of personal essays.

We are no stranger to thoughts, experiences and emotions that leave us speechless. These are things we seem to be at lost of words for, but for some reason, it evokes a strong feeling that remains with us for the rest of our lives. It could be exciting, unforgettable or bittersweet.

The subtle melancholy of a love song from the 80s, the smell of coffee and croissant in the morning, the sound of the ocean waves at sunset, the scent of concrete after the rain. These are a couple of my favorite things, and this visual diary aspires to evoke the nostalgia of sunsets, the sweet beginnings of a sunrise and the adventure of getting lost and finding yourself in a new place.Hello, I’m Mish. I’m a visual designer and imagination engineer who focuses on art direction, photography, hand-lettering, type and visual identity.

In the meantime, I am:
– Creating things people like at White Brick.
– Creating content for Just Passing By (soon to a search bar near you).
– Exploring film photography with my handy Olympus Pen EED.
– Trying to read more books and produce more self-initiated projects.

I used to do these things:
– Travel 2-3 weeks at a time in a different country once every 3 months.
– Experiment with different photography approaches, like documentary, food and beverage, landscape, portrait and travel.

Me, Elsewhere:
You can view my works on my website, or Behance. You can drop me a message on Twitter or follow me on Instagram. If you’re that way inclined, you can connect with me on Linkedin.